Open Your Wings To Travel

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So finally you have got a week off from office. Your boss has allowed you to relax your aching back and get some fun back into your life. You have set your eyes on that exotic destination you always wanted to visit but never could. You are feeling as excited as when you got your first toy as a kid. But just then comes the dampener- no, it is not the boss cancelling your vacation, it is the packing blues. Every time we plan a vacation, there is an unending debate as to what all to pack in. Well, there is one thumb rule you must always follow when it comes to travel clothing- pack smart and pack light.

I know you have heard that a million times but saying it once more would not hurt. First of all, let me explain what it means by travel light when one talks of travel clothing. You should pack in garments that are lightweight preferably fabrics like nylon, polyester and for a little warm weather silk. These fabrics provide good ventilation, are easy to maintain and dry quickly. Also, it do not take up much space, so you always have the space to bring back gifts for near and dear ones. Now, let us talk about travel smart stuff.

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